Thriving Families
Thriving Families

About Us

Our services focus on supporting mothers in identifying what healthy families look like to them, developing communication skills that they can use in all relationships, gaining new knowledge about parenting and early child development, building social networks with other parents, and making connections with other community resources. 

Thriving Families is committed to building an inclusive and supportive community where healthy, strong family relationships flourish and are positive models for future generations.

Board Members and Staff

Thriving Families Staff

Thriving Families Staff

Thriving Families Staff


Galena Rhoades, PhD- Executive Director

Courtney Harrison- Sustainability Consultant

Jessie Purcel- Director of Programs and Community Outreach

Board Members

Thriving Families Staff

Thriving Families Staff


Board President- Keely Bostock

Treasurer- Mehwish Raheel

Secretary- Christina Walker

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Leisha Andersen

Anne Biermann

Emily Brown

Mike Garvey

Joseph Ramharack

Jess Smith

Allison Trimble

Lisa Weinberg

Marie Whiteside